BAT Vapor LLC (Brian Alicia Tom) was established in 2013 and we opened our store in Pensacola on May 5, 2014. 

As a 2 pack a day smoker and the struggles over the years to quit, I found vaping and wanted to share my experience and knowledge. 



Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and fair pricing.

We currently carry a large selection of salt-based and free-based e-liquid, CBD, and Delta's in Flower, Pre-rolls, Vape, and Edibles. Our employees are knowledgeable in all the different extracts and can help you find the best product for your desired effect.

We carry a few different brands of disposable vapes.

Also available are pipes, bowls, butane, torches, cones, papers, and random smoke shop supplies.


Est 2014
5222 North W Street N
Pensacola FL 32505
Call or Text (850) 912-8108
Sun-Thur 10-9 Fri & Sat 10-10